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About the Artist                 

 At a young age, there was a strong force calling Alie to love the world and the beauty of all its magnificent creatures. Alie has spent her life exploring and found she is her best self when she is able to share love with people, animals, and nature. In 2023, she completed a Master's degree in aquatic conservation research at the University of Texas at Tyler, where she studied the presence of rare species of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies. She is currently pursuing a career as a veterinarian and plans to attend Oregon State University in Fall 2025. Her natural passion ignites her positive energy, which she carries into her paintings. She began her personal art business, Alie's Art Gallery, with the simple mission of bringing love and joy to everyone who views and receives her artwork. Working with both nature and creation, Alie is in tune with herself, and her heart is happy. She firmly believes Happiness is the most important thing in our lives and lives by the motto taught to her by her grandfather that, "Every day is a Good day." 

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