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  • How long will my painting order take to be completed and shipped?
    Every time an order is placed, Alie will personally email an estimated timeline of creation and shipping time to the client. Single, small artwork (i.e. ornaments and small canvas paintings) generally take a week to be completed and shipped out. Larger artwork (i.e. multiple orders and custom sized canvas paintings) may take two to three weeks to be completed and shipped out. If orders are made during a busy holiday season, orders may take longer to be completed and shipped out. Clients will be notified at time of order if delays in shipping are expected.
  • Are there any canvas size limitations?
    Any size painting can be ordered, but Alie will have to create a custom estimate for specific size paintings based on painting time and greater supply costs.
  • Are there any discounts?
    There are no discounts for Alie's artwork. Pricing has been adjusted based on time to complete each piece and supply costs.
  • What if my ornament arrives broken by USPS?
    These cases are extremely rare. If an ornament were to arrive broken to its final destination at time of opening the box, photos of the ornament broken in the box will need to be emailed to Alie at In this case, Alie will send a single replacement ornament at no cost to the client.
  • What if I accidentally break my ornament after taking it out of the USPS box?
    If a client receives the ornament with no damages and breaks the ornament after handling it, a replacement will be recreated at full original cost, including shipping. The ornaments are made of glass and fragile. Alie's Art Gallery is not responsible for careless handling.
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